ISPE Indonesia


About the Indonesia Affiliate

Indonesia’s outstanding potential as a cost effective manufacturing centre for medical products is well known. With its imminent entry into PIC/S it is poised to become a country of tremendous interest to pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing companies from Europe and the Americas. BPOM, Indonesia’s regulatory body, has recognised that in order for the country to realise its potential and to capitalise on the rising popularity of Asia as a centre for manufacturing, regulatory compliance must be raised to meet internationally acceptable standards.

ISPE is the Society of choice for more than 22,000 pharmaceutical professionals from 90 countries. ISPE strives towards advancing the pharmaceutical industry and the professionals that work within it. We do this by providing a framework for the exchange of information and experiences through the facilitation of networking events, training courses and Communities of Practice (COPs). In addition, the ISPE has developed an extensive body of knowledge which is readily available to members over the internet. Members also receive significant discounts on a large number of industry publications.

The ISPE Indonesia Affiliate will help us to acquire a better understanding of the industry needs in Indonesia and to customise programs accordingly. Additionally, the events and the various training and educational programs organised by ISPE will be available to ISPE members in Indonesia.

The Affiliate was launched on 7th August 2007 at the GP Farmasi’s National Meet in Palembang Indonesia. The Affiliate has recently elected their new board and is now planning activities for the  year ahead.


ISPE Indonesia